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This  was a now customary Zoom meeting. However, as your webmaster was otherwise occupied there is no detailed write up.

Just the following to note – it has been felt that these meetings on Zoom will continue until at least Christmas given the demographics of the club members.

Margaret gave details of some . . . → Read More: September Meeting 2020

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Several people responded to the Royal Surrey Hospital’s request to have knitted dolls or teddies with face masks, these wil be given to children in hospital to help alleviate anxiety caused by seeing the nurses and doctors in masks.

Here are two collections:

Barbara and Gill’s masked dolls Teddies in Scrubs by . . . → Read More: Teddies with face masks for Royal Surrey Hospital

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Another sucessful meeting using Zoom, we are getting quite good with it and around 12 people managed to get online this month.

After a general chat, we started with a Show and Tell session, nearly all the items knitted were cardigans, they must be inspired by the cool summer weather we’ve had recently:

. . . → Read More: July 2020 Zoom Meeting

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We had a very jolly Zoom meeting with 13 people attending,  instead of an evening meeting we held this in the form of a coffee morning. Several people had items for the show and tell including Barbara who had done several baby items in both hand and machine knitting.   The Chair’s “homework” was . . . → Read More: May 2020 Meeting

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This was cancelled due to to Covid-19 pandemic.

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At the March meeting we looked at different stitch techniques by the designer Bill King. We chose to look at single bed work only. All involved hand manipulation of stitches and a discussion followed of where these patterns could be used. Various difficulties were discussed as to yarn and tension required for moving several . . . → Read More: March 2020 Meeting

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This month our focus was the technique of plating.  In this, two yarns are used, one appears on the knit side and one on the purl side.  Using patterning such as tuck stitch both in single bed fabric  and ribbed fabric, the yarns can appear on the opposite side. This makes an interesting . . . → Read More: February 2020 Meeting

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Rabbits everywhere –  Gill led a workshop to use a pre-knitted square created mainly by Margaret, to make a little bunny rabbit – it could be used for a child’s toy (not suitable for babies) or on a mobile or an Easter decoration. One was made into a glove puppet.

It was a . . . → Read More: January 2020 Meeting

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This was the annual Christmas Party, members of the committee arranged it all the participants brought food. A good time was had by all.

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This month we have Angie show us all the background to her amazing final show pieces for the Morley College Textile course.

She took her inspiration from rusty metals – the texture and colours.  

These circular saw blades  sparked her imagination.

Angie talked about the course and showed us 3 . . . → Read More: November 2019 Meeting

Programme During Covid-19 Pandemic

The club is meeting regularly - online - we have monthly Zoom coffee mornings on the second Wednesday of the month at 10:30 where we do a "show and tell" session and keep up to date with our members.

Due to the age profile of the membership there is not much likelihood of us having any face to face meetings in the foreseeable future. But we are considering having more content in our online meetings.

If you have not joined in so far it is very straightforward, Margaret sends out an email with a link and you need to click on it. It may ask you for the password which is in the email. You will need a device with a working camera if you are going to show anything you've made. A laptop computer, tablet computer or iPad are best but even a smartphone is possible.