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Download the pattern given below and  bring it along to the meeting  – either on your phone or printed.

You will then be able to try out one of the easiest ways of making bootees that Margaret will demonstrate.

Baby Booties

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For the April 2017 meeting For this year’s competition, we have decided to just have one category – a knitted and woven scarf. Using the pattern provided, knit a “laddery” scarf.  On removing it from the knitting machine, grab some pretty yarns from your stash and weave them in and out of the ladders . . . → Read More: Club Competition 2016/17

Charity Knit Fiddle Muff / Twiddle Muff

Margaret has kindly created a pattern for the textured muff destined for Alzheimer’s patients.  This pattern is for a Chunky Machine, there are numerous hand knit patterms available just search online.

Link to Fiddlemuff Pattern for Chunky Machine

Suprise Jacket for March 2015 Meeting

The details of this jacket are:

There is also a YouTube video by Roberta Rose Kelley here

Plated Rib Coaster Pattern to print

Margaret will be doing a demo and we can all try it out.

All members coming along to the November meeting can print out one of the patterns before they come.

Click on this pattern name to download the Plated Ribbed Coaster  pattern (in Word)  for a the November meeting.



Programme 2019/2020 now available in draft

The programme for the forthcoming season is now available, as usual it is subject to changes

Please look in the Programme menu for the full list of dates