February 2015 Meeting

New Beginnings – decorative alternatives to ribbed bands

This month we had a theme – new beginnings – were we looked at a variety of edges that can be used instead of or as well as ribbing.

April, Anu and Frances both demonstrated some unusual edges. It can be a real boon to have some easy edges that can be made on the main bed if you do not use or have not got a ribber for your machine. Many current garments are tunic style and do not need a rib at the main hem so these can easily make the garment more interesting and unique without using the standard hem.


Range of trims that can be used instead of a rib or hem at the start of a garment, round sleeves, necklines or even to replace button bands.

Our three demonstrators creating examples of various trims
AnuDemoBraid AprilDemoBraid FrancesDemo

Annual Club Competition, Stars and Cushions

In addition to the theme, February is the club’s competition night.  This year, there were two themes – the first was to make a cushion cover whilst the second was to create an item with a star theme, this could be a garment or any other item.

There are two classes: novice for anyone who has never won a competition before and standard for everyone who has won in the past or works to a high standard.

Competition Winners

Competition Winners

Our worthy winners were:

Beryl  – who won the novice cushion cover category for a cream cushion with tassels on the corners .

There was a tie between Anu and Frances for the standard in the cushion cover category. Frances creater a small heart shape cushion whilst Anu’s used the knitweave technique to make a large multicoloured cushion.
Jenny K. won the standard class for the Star category for her jumper.
There were no entries for the Star category novice class.
Many congratulations to all the winners and as well as all those who entered, there were more entries this year than in the past and everything was of a high standard.

Competition Entries

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