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Another sucessful meeting using Zoom, we are getting quite good with it and around 12 people managed to get online this month.

After a general chat, we started with a Show and Tell session, nearly all the items knitted were cardigans, they must be inspired by the cool summer weather we’ve had recently:

Barbara had a lovely blue hand knitted one in double knit but she has yet to get any buttons. 

April had machine knitted an alpaca yarn in a shade of brown with a peplum and a garter stitched collar, very attractive, she also told us about some yellow shetland yarn she had bought to make a throw using a sculptered garter stitch pattern #473 .  She had also sewn some Christmas decorations in felt.

Ann also had a pretty blue cardigan – the first she had made since moving house and having had her machines packed away for some time. 

Clare had a cardigan in a pale blue using 3 ends of Uppingham’s crepe yarn. This was in a stitch pattern she had used in the past for a jumper. 

Margaret had been shopping for fabric and made a super V necked  t-shirt with stripes – all matched up at the seams.

Frances had made some face masks

Angie had crocheted a pretty cushion cover.

Tricia had been altering some curtains.

Lyn had been experimenting with neoprene fabric – making some simple face masks.

Finally Gill asked if anyone had been making the mask dolls for children in hospitals – Barbara had finished some and Clare had nearly completed one. This is ongoing as children in hospital will need these to help any anxiety when hospital staff are wearing masks.

Margaret suggested that by Christmas we should all have made some decorations which can be used  as presents instead of our usual Secret Santa arrangement at the Christmas Party. Let’s hope we are al out of lockdown by then.

Finally, it was agreed that we would have an August meeting – normally the club has a break then but this year it seems likely that most members will be at home as nearly everybody is a senior citizen and being super careful about not picking up the virus by going out and about much.

Thanks to Margaret for arranging the meeting and to Gill for chairing it.




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