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The start of the meeting was dedicated to a discussion of the 2017 entry for the Sherbourne Vase which we won.  Only recently did we get back the entry after it had been exhibited by the Guild at shows it attended.

We also discussed the 2018 entry which got a Highly Commended.  It was a set of 3 cushion covers on the theme of the nursery story of the Three Bears. A larger group worked on it than the three who worked on the 2017 lap blanket.

This part of the meeting was followed by a demonstration on Intarsia by April, who explained in an easy to follow way how to achieve a good result, she used an Intarsia carriage on the club punch card brother machine and explained the alternatives for newer electronic machines which have Intarsia build into the main carriage.

Yarn break setup

She also demonstrated the weights that came with the Intarsia carriage that attached through the yarn which puts the yarn under tension.



Each section of colour on the work needs a separately wound ball of yarn this can then be weighted.


Next month we will be having a Hints and Tips evening, members were asked to think of a useful hint or tip and we will be listening to all of these hoping to learn something new or useful. In addition, we are collecting scarves made by members for the Knit for Peace charity.




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