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This was the second meeting using Zoom the online meeting system.  Most members managed to take part, we held the meeting as a Coffee Morning with a starting time of 10:30 and had  2 x 40 minutes to show off our makes.  Thank you to Margaret for organising this.

As there were no photos possible this write-up will just be a brief description. 

Several people had been making dolls in masks dressed as nurses to help children in hospitals.  Margaret had made a cardigan she showed us which was a tuck stitch pattern.

Sheila had still been making scrubs and was planning a jumper and jumpsuit for family members. Clare had a blue tuck lace jumper with wide sleeves.

Lyn had edged a large table cloth on her overlocker. Beryl had been gardening –  making up for lost time last year.

Gill had been experimenting with a pattern making program.

Angie showed us a textured crocheted cushion.  Sarah had made a blanket using the Alison Dupernex pattern. Emy had been making scrubs and masks Tricia had a cat blanket made with a  yarn that had been made on a yarn twister and she told us that sometimes the yarns had formed looped which made the job more difficult.

April had a light weight wrap and had also been sewing.

This format of meeting will be continued until at least the Autumn 2020.  It keeps everyone in touch and we can share our crafting creattions.








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