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There were two themes to the club meeting this month:

  1. A continuation of last months meeting on cone ends.
  2. A look at other crafts our members indulge in.

First, we had a round-up of the other craft work some of the members brought it, it varied from beading, hand knitting and crochet to bag making with painting and sketching, quilting and card making with variations on these as well. Members showed us which crafts in the display were theirs and talks briefly about them.

Many members hand knit which complements their machine knitting. Others have taken up a variety of other crafts.

(ed: the slide shows takes ages to load, please be patient.  Also click the image to move to the next one)

After this, we returned to the cone ends topic and looked around at all the items brought in, most people had created items from their stash and also a range of patterns were available for using up the left-overs that inevitably occur when using coned yarn.  There were pretty gloves and scarves, as well as tiny items, stuffed animals and toys. Some were machine knitted, others hand knitted or crocheted.  

Finally, Margaret repeated last month’s demonstration but this time with smooth yarn which showed clearly the difference between using yarn simply run together onto the machine, yarn wound using a standard winder and 2 methods of twisting – using a  hand or machine operated yarn twister and using a cone stack which is not as effective as the yarn twister and much more of a fiddle to use.  The cone stack can be mimicked by placing cones on an old-fashioned tiered saucepan stand, there are manual and electric yarn twisters available.


(ed: Apologies to those whose work does not appear – not all the photos were clear enough to display)

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