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A last minute change of programme meant that Frances and Margaret stepped up to give demonstrations we hadn’t seen before.


  • Reminder about the Xmas knitting challenge – see last month’s notices.
  • The Slipknot magazine from the Guild gives a list of events – the nearest one is a wool show in Hitchin
  • There is a Quilting show in Banstead, in St Anne’s church hall, Brighton Road. 1-2 November 10am-4:30pm. There is a small charge of £3

Show and Tell

Lyn showed an Aran weight, blue hat she had made on her Addi king size circular machine.  

April had a hand knitted cardigan in blue for a small boy.


Congratulations to all who put together this programme aat the last minute, they did a brilliant job.

Frances showed us how to make a raglan sleeve seam much more interesting using an adjustable 7 prong transfer tool.  The first had a row of eyelet holes several stitches in from the edge, the second had a delicate patterning by transferring 7 then 6 then 5 down to 2 stitches every 2-4 rows.  This is then repeated until the raglan decreasing shaping is done.

Margaret found an interesting technique on Youtube, first making a strangely shaped fabric with large holes, then threading the fabric to make a braid like appearance.  She assured us it was straight forward once you got into the rhythm.  



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