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This was a regular club evening. 

The following notices were announced by the chair:

  • Hounslow club is having a speaker in November, it is Fiona Morris.  If anyone wishes to attend from Bookham they will be welcome,  They will need to know numbers, the cost is £10 per person.   It starts at 1:30 on the same day as our November Meeting.
  • The squares blanket has been sewn together by Gill and now needs an edging, Anthea volunteered to crochet around it.
  • It was decided that this club will not be a branch of the Guild of Knitting and Crochet but remain a Machine knitting club as before.
  • Members are remined that any electrocal equipment brought to club must be PAT tested and this should be a done within the past year.
  • Subscriptions for the next half year are due in October – by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Christmas Challenge:

By Christmas, members were asked to machine knit something for a “show and tell” – it can be any type of item, not specifically a Christmas theme.  All items should be new, not seen before at a club meeting.

This is not a competition but you will be expected to talk about yout item.

Show and Tell

Margaret brought a sideways knitted garment that she found was too small.  So she felted it and it now is a nice warm garment to give to a charity.

Tricia brought along a newrly fininshed raglan cardigan made in an acrylic crepe yarn.

Guild AGM

Margaret gave us a report on the new Guild’s annual AGM meeting held in Warwick.  She was very enthusiastic about the quality of the meeting and all the things she had seen and workshops she attended.  There was little for machine knitters as yet but this should change over the next few years when the members of the Machine Knitting Guild start to contribute to the AGM.  She particularly liked the accomodation (the neeting was held over a weekend) and commented favourably on the welcome games which helped people feel more at home.


This month’s topic was to take and existing p attern and repurpose it for a different yarn and / or different stitch pattern.  The group divided up into 3 and Frances did a demo of using the Brother Knitleader and talked about setting it up for the tension user,  with  Lyn who for comparison showed two different Knitmaster/silver knit radars and discussed the differences.  Tricia demonstrated a mathematical approach and Margaret showed a different numerical approach.

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Programme 2019/2020 now available in draft

The programme for the forthcoming season is now available, as usual it is subject to changes

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