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Several people responded to the Royal Surrey Hospital’s request to have knitted dolls or teddies with face masks, these wil be given to children in hospital to help alleviate anxiety caused by seeing the nurses and doctors in masks.

Here are two collections:

Barbara and Gill’s masked dolls Teddies in Scrubs by . . . → Read More: Teddies with face masks for Royal Surrey Hospital

Bookham Village Day

The theme this year is “A Day at the Races”. The club may have a sales and display stall – contributions welcome.

January 2011 Meeting

Arranging the food on the buffey table

The meeting in January was enlivened by a post Christmas buffet to make up for the cancelled Christmas party. Everyone brought food, the committee members worked hard to ensure a good spread enjoyed by all.

Setting out the Buffet

The main focus of the evening was the annual competition and there were . . . → Read More: January 2011 Meeting

Programme During Covid-19 Pandemic

The club is meeting regularly - online - we have monthly Zoom coffee mornings on the second Wednesday of the month at 10:30 where we do a "show and tell" session and keep up to date with our members.

Due to the age profile of the membership there is not much likelihood of us having any face to face meetings in the foreseeable future. But we are considering having more content in our online meetings.

If you have not joined in so far it is very straightforward, Margaret sends out an email with a link and you need to click on it. It may ask you for the password which is in the email. You will need a device with a working camera if you are going to show anything you've made. A laptop computer, tablet computer or iPad are best but even a smartphone is possible.