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The November 2016 meeting will have a hands-on session making some baby booties from felted knitting.

In September, Margaret showed us how to choose yarn suitable for felting and talked about the felting process.

Tricia made some notes that you can view or download:  felting-notes-sept-2016

Margaret sent the instructions for  construction the booties and it contains a link to the template: nov-2016-feltbabybootee

Please create some  felted fabric if you can from a wool yarn, make it big enough for 2 soles and 2 uppers to make a pair.

If you cannot manage this there will be some felt available.  Bring a sewing kit with a darning needle that will take thin yarn so you can blanket stitch around the edge of the booties.

Programme During Covid-19 Pandemic

The club is meeting regularly - online - we have monthly Zoom coffee mornings on the second Wednesday of the month at 10:30 where we do a "show and tell" session and keep up to date with our members.

Due to the age profile of the membership there is not much likelihood of us having any face to face meetings in the foreseeable future. But we are considering having more content in our online meetings.

If you have not joined in so far it is very straightforward, Margaret sends out an email with a link and you need to click on it. It may ask you for the password which is in the email. You will need a device with a working camera if you are going to show anything you've made. A laptop computer, tablet computer or iPad are best but even a smartphone is possible.