Variations on a Stripe

Variations on a Stripe

Earlier in 2012, Frances Perkins gave a talk and demonstration to the club detailing how to create some interesting effects using various stripes.

You now can download her notes: Variation on a stripe by Frances.

In addition, here are some more photographs of these techniques. I tried them by following Frances’ notes. Using my very old Knitmaster 155 Chunky, this shows up the stitches more clearly in the photos.(Ed.)

Multiple latch Cast On

Multiple latch cast on
Multiple latch cast on using ribbon yarn

This was an experiment that gave good results – a royal blue ribbon yarn was used to do two rows of latching after the cast on rows. It made a really outstanding 3-D effect.
I found I needed extra weights whilst latching on behind the existing cast on to stop the yarn jumping out of the hooks on my chunky. (Ed.)

Tuck Trim

Tuck Trim
Tuck Trim from Frances’ instructions

This was very easy on a punch card machine using a card with alternate holes punched (locked on the first row). It worked well on the 12 stitch punch card Knitmaster 155.
Toning or contrasting colours could be used. The colours here were chosen to show off the technique not to be harmonious…(Ed.)

Annabels Trim


This gives an interesting slightly ridged effect. Idea for children’s and baby clothes as well as the edgings for adults garments.(Ed.)

Lacey Stripe

Lacey Stripe
Lacey Stripe with alternate needles transferred to make holes.

Here the stitches were transferred by hand as I do not have a lace carriage with the chunky machine. Easy to do. Bring forward the alternate needles before transferring to check you have selected the correct ones.
In the chunky version, the holes might be rather too big for a baby’s garment as they could catch their little fingers in them.(Ed.)